Artificial Grass — All the Beauty with None of the Work

Sure, it’s real….and looks real, too (but it’s not growing….)

Nothing says spring like new grass in the morning sun, stirring just a bit in the early breeze.  Here in the desert, that means it’s about time for sprinklers to come on.

Blades of grass dancing in the morning breeze, tiny shadows tracking across the lawn….and no sprinklers.

What? No sprinklers?

If you owned a new lawn of artificial grass, you wouldn’t need sprinklers in the early morning – or ever.

But could your lawn still have that lush look of light and shade?  Would it still sway a bit in the breeze?

With today’s exceptional choices in artificial lawns, and the right lawn counselors (like those at AZ Turf Depot), you can choose exactly the right look, the right feel, for your yard, business landscaping, or putting green..

For instance, did you know different kinds of grass have differently-shaped blades?  They vary in width and weight, too.

So when you’re looking at different kinds of artificial turf, it’s important to know what look you want – and that means deciding what kind of manufactured  blades will do that.

For instance, v-shaped blades in a dark-green shade will help to provide an exceptionally lush look.  Making sure your new turf is also shaded with lighter and darker variations of green blades with only a little yellow will make your lawn appear lush.

A softer looking lawn means you should look for a fiber that’s S-shaped. You’ll want to look for a darker green with little to no shine.

Pining for the lawn Grandma had back in Wisconsin?  Look for a substitute for fescue, a grass with a w-shaped blade in shades of olive to pale-and paler green.

Here in the Southwest, many homeowners opt for sturdy, drought-hardy Bermuda grass.  In artificial grass, you’ll want a bi-color olive (think pale olive to bright and darker shades of olive.)

Getting the right shade, shape and combination of blades for your artificial turf is just the first step in selecting just the right artificial grass.  You’ll also want to think about density, texture and length.

Artificial turf can make your life easier, your business look better, and save you both water and time.

And there are many styles, so it’s important to learn about your many options.  The pros at AZ Turf Depot can help, with advice and specific suggestions to give you exactly the lawn you want.

To learn more, contact us via email or by phone at (623) 388-3389.

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