Yes, In most cases our artificial grass products will be adequate. However, if you have multiple dogs or are looking for a kennel area, a more resilient product designed for such use would be needed. In addition, an infill other than a standard silica would reduce maintenance.
This is the one drawback of synthetic grass. It does get hot from late mornings to early evenings. It may be similar to Kool decking but will not be as dramatic as concrete, pavers, rock.
According to the water management statistics, 65-75% of your monthly water bill is for outside use.
Synthetic grass is made of non absorbing filaments that allows the clean up any spill without staining or damaging the turf. This includes paint, bleach and most other household cleaners as well herbicides, fertilizers and pesticides. However, acid based products and cleaners such as pool acid, concrete cleaners, CLR can damage the integrity of the grass.
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