Artificial Turf Saves Water

With Arizona facing tighter restrictions and almost inevitably more expensive water due to the drought plaguing the Southwest, more Phoenix homeowners, businesses, churches, athletic facilities, and child-care providers are turning to artificial turf to reduce their water usage.

Many cities already impose restrictions on how much grass can be planted by businesses to keep water costs down. Business owners who still want pristine landscaping, or have a business where having a lawn is essential, are turning to artificial grass.

Peoria-based Arizona Turf Depot provides the highest quality of artificial grass to multiple businesses Valleywide. As a leading provider of artificial grass in the Phoenix area, Arizona Turf Depot offers multiple shades, colors and heights of grass to ensure each customer gets precisely the combination that works best for them.

Artificial grass is being used across the Valley to reduce water usage at many churches, day-care providers, athletic fields, putting areas, and pet parks. The turf provides a beautiful lawn for children and pets to play on and stands up to busy traffic areas without creating muddy or bare patches like natural grass.

In addition to reducing water usage, artificial turf requires little maintenance, no mowing, and pays for itself within 3-5 years, based on the time saved of caring for live grass, the cost of mowers, electric or gas to power them, and time invested in cutting, watering, and reseeding the grass.

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