Seven ways to use artificial turf creatively in commercial settings

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While artificial turf is most often associated with perfectly manicured lawns or sports fields, there are many ways businesses can incorporate synthetic grass into their landscaping. Not only does artificial grass boost curb appeal for residential dwellings, but it also creates inviting spaces for corporations and small businesses. Synthetic grass is also a practical option for commercial areas because it requires little maintenance to remain manicured.

And, artificial turf can create more pet-friendly spaces, and more functional living space. Let’s look at how artificial turf can be incorporated to benefit your business.

       1. Playgrounds

Synthetic grass is a good option for playgrounds and other play areas, whether at in a residential development, school, or child-care facility. Turf can be padded and offer more safety than organic landscaping in case of falls, for example, while also giving the area a tidy appearance.

       2. Pet Parks

Pet parks are great additions to condominiums and shopping complexes, and they do not require much space. All that is needed some pet-friendly turf on the property and your guests have a convenient place to walk their animals and interact with other pet owners.

       3. Pool Landscaping

Pools are a popular addition to commercial buildings such as hotels or condominiums, but they can be a challenge to landscape as natural grass is often too delicate to withstand the constant wear and tear of heavy foot traffic mixed with chemicals from the water. Artificial turf is a good option for pool landscaping thanks to its durability and easy maintenance needs.

       4. Rooftop Oasis

Office buildings can almost always use some additional green space. Instead of attempting to spread out, consider spreading up. Rooftops are often underutilized, but quality artificial turf can make them a functional oasis from the day’s stressors. For office buildings, giving employees a green space for taking breaks gives everyone a place to network outside the cubicle.

       5. Indoor Golfing

An indoor putting green provides employees in commercial spaces and guests at hotels alike with entertaining recreation options. Collaborative play can even boost office camaraderie and morale!

       6. Unique Interior Decorating

Artificial turf doesn’t have to go on the ground. Why not use turf on a wall to create a unique office green space? Turn is also great for patios and balconies – giving an outdoor room that extra special touch.

       7. Flexible Flooring

Of course, if you’d like to use artificial grass as flooring, it will do the job well. Synthetic turf is particularly useful in commercial spaces as it is durable and easy to clean.

Are you looking for quality artificial grass for your property? The team at AZ Turf Depot can answer all your questions and help you choose the perfect option.

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