Share these tips about the benefits of artificial turf for pets and play areas for children

Artificial turf is a good investment for beautifying landscaping for homes, businesses, yards and more. But many potential buyers question the safety of synthetic grass for children and pets. We have good news! Fake grass can be the perfect choice for families and a safer option than natural grass, depending on the type of turf selected. Let’s look at which turf from Arizona Turf Depot is best for residential use where there may be family members of all ages, and whether they walk on two feet or four.


Cushioned Artificial Turf

Falling off a swing or taking a tumble in the yard during play can cause mild to serious injuries, particularly if a child lands on a rocky patch or where the grass isn’t as lush. In Arizona, our mixture of clay earth layers and the hot sun bakes many surfaces to rock hard. Caliche is common throughout the desert and makes landing on the ground even tougher.

Artificial grass with a cushion offers clear and significant benefits over natural lawns in mitigating injuries in the case of even critical head falls. Your customers can rest easy knowing playgrounds with cushioned turf offer children at home or on playgrounds a safer landing than playing on live grass and landing on the hard Arizona ground.


Choose artificial grass that is permeable so liquids can run through it into the ground as opposed to pooling in the turf and potentially causing damage. This makes it easy to clean up after pets as well as any potential juice spills that might follow in your children’s wake, keeping odor and germs at bay.

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