Artificial Turf Guarantees the Perfect Lawn for Holiday Gatherings

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Install Artificial Turf-Less Stress During the HolidaysRemind your clients that this is a terrific time of year for a new artificial lawn.

Many homeowners in Arizona see late fall as an ideal time to recreate a perfect lawn. They cut back their dead summer grass, rake, fertilize and re-seed before mulching and crossing fingers that a glamorous green lawn will be theirs during the upcoming holidays.

It’s an “iffy” proposition.

There is, however, one certain way of acquiring that gorgeous green landscape…a beautiful new artificial turf lawn. Some great selling points can be:

  • A new artificial turf lawn won’t need to be watered every day for a week while it grows in.
  • It won’t provide a fall feast for the neighborhood doves and pigeons.
  • It won’t look tired before the holiday decorations go up later in November.
  • It won’t acquire bare spaces due to water runoff – or a kids’ baseball game.
  • It also won’t require any fall maintenance to stay green, saving on both water and time.

In addition, synthetic turf can withstand fluctuations in temperature, moisture and sunlight.

Today’s new approaches to turf really are better than ever, with ever-evolving technology to make the grass look and feel like the real thing. The turf itself has diversified, and that’s not to imply that there hasn’t always been athletic turf and backyard turf. What we’re talking about now begins with vast improvements in the artificial turf used in many – if not most – athletic endeavors around the world.

Turf itself has acquired more depth and shading, with individual strands becoming both stronger and softer to the touch. It’s also available in many formations, which means homeowners can select exactly the right “feel” in synthetic grass for a backyard ball field, bocce or simply running around and playing tag.

Changes in the kinds and shades of infill on which the turf is placed have also improved. Crumb rubber, for instance, lends a springiness to artificial grass. Environmentally useful, it’s made from recycled tires and similar rubber products. (Using crumb rubber as infill for artificial turf has already kept more than a hundred million tires from landfills.)

Whichever kind of artificial turf a homeowner selects, it’s certain that the time needed for fall and winter lawn care will drop dramatically. And, exactly because of that, homeowners can take more time to enjoy the holiday season.

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