Fall is ideal time to install artificial turf and take advantage of cool temperatures in AZ

Fall is in the air in Arizona, and everyone is heading outdoors. That means having a beautiful lawn is essential to barbecues, family gatherings, and all the other outdoor activities this time of year brings.

Businesses and homeowners are looking out at the fading, end-of-summer lawns and debating on whether to plant winter grass. At Arizona Turf Depot, we say why should you? Instead, think about installing our synthetic lawns, landscaping, putting greens, and playgrounds.

There are many reasons why artificial lawns are a benefit, especially in the fall:

  • No need to replant every fall, watching the weather like a hawk to determine when it’s finally cool enough for winter grass in Arizona.
  • No worries about watering the lawn year-round to keep it lush. Synthetic turf looks good summer, fall, winter, and spring.
  • Easy to clean and maintain for entertaining, practicing your putting, or watching children and pets play.
  • No worries about tracking in mud during fall and winter showers, and the artificial grass is ready to use almost immediately after rainfall.

Fall is a great time for installing turf, as well, because of the cooler temperatures. And, businesses that use artificial turf – restaurants, golf courses, putting greens, day-care centers, and more – can find some great deals this time of year compared with spring, when everyone is looking at making their yards look good.

With the cooler temperatures, it also gives owners of artificial turf an opportune time to learn to care for their lawns without having to brave the heat of summer or the chill of winter.

In fact, one of the best things about installing artificial turf in autumn is that homeowners will have time to become accustomed to a different style of lawn maintenance with near perfect fall temperatures.

Maintenance is so easy, just blow away or rake away leaves or any other debris. Businesses and homeowners don’t need anything too fancy, but here are our suggestions from the team at AZ Turf Depot:

  • An ordinary metal or bamboo rake works for keeping the blades upright and plush.
  • Some brooms are specifically designed just for use on synthetic lawns. The brooms will get rid of debris, and fluff up the infill lying beneath the turf to keep the blades looking natural.
  • Blowers and shop vacuums also work (on lower settings – so you don’t displace the infill beneath the turf).
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