Artificial Turf Keeps Monsoon Maintenance Low in Arizona

Artificial Putting Green

Ahhh, summer in Arizona!  It’s the time of year when Phoenix wishes it were Flagstaff or pretty much anywhere on the East Coast.

However, artificial turf is much easier to maintain during an Arizona summer, and one selling point is that residential owners and businesses don’t have to sweat it in the hot sun to take care of the lawns, play areas, or putting greens they’ve added with artificial grass.

Although it’s not real grass doesn’t mean there aren’t a few maintenance needs.  Hot sun and summer dust storms can take a toll, according to our experts here at AZ Turf Depot. We have several recommendations about caring for the lawns during summer months that can be shared with businesses or individuals considering purchasing and installing artificial turf.

“Arizona not only experiences 100-degree temperatures, we’re now experiencing more days with temperatures higher than 105,” says Matt Walters, manager at AZ Turf Depot in Peoria.

“That kind of heat’s not just hard on humans – it’s hard on literally everything under the sun. That includes your artificial turf.”

While it’s unlikely that a new lawn or putting green will melt under Arizona’s version of a noonday sun, it will definitely become quite hot.

Dust storms may increase the challenges, too. Monsoon rains may push the blades of turf down or apart, and the thatch may become denser from water that drains slowly.

“Fortunately,” Walters says, “maintaining artificial turf is simple to do.”

Our team at AZ Turf Depot recommends using a spray cleaner, easily available at local hardware stores. After spraying, rinse the yard with the spray from a regular garden hose.

“Some people choose to keep their old lawn sprinkler system,” Walters says.  “It can be especially helpful if you have pets that regularly use your lawn areas. Also, after a dust storm, using a hose can easily rinse away the dust.”

A carpet rake and a leaf blower are also essential tools for keeping artificial turf looking as good as new again.

Monsoon rains not only dampen your lawn, but the strength of the rain can flatten the blades. Keep the carpet rake handy to quickly fluff the turf back to its original glory.

“Then, whether you’ve been hit with just dust, or dust and rain, a quick run-through with your carpet rake will help separate the blades of turf, help remove any small debris and get your blades of ‘grass’ standing up and looking perky again.”

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