Give Pets the Lawn They Need with Easy-to-Clean Artificial Turf

Pet Friendly Artificial TurfArizona summers can be rough on pets.

Hot sidewalks and streets can burn tender paws. Dog parks can have super-hot ground. Even grass gets hot in Arizona’s blistering heat.

At AZ Turf Depot, we offer several solutions because artificial turf can actually be more pet friendly than a typical dog run in summer. This can be especially true for homes with more than one pet.

Here’s why.  First, it’s true – even grass gets hot in an Arizona summer.

And, dogs, being dogs, will still use it as their bathroom and playground – digging and rolling – and pretty much wrecking lawns. The heat can also generate a lot of odors if the waste isn’t being scooped regularly. Phew! As a result, summer grass often will suffer more damage from pet urine, poop and pooch play than a winter lawn.

Artificial turf designed for pets changes that because homeowners and businesses that have pet -friendly areas can take a hose and cool and clean an artificial lawn completely in less than five minutes.  It’ll cool it off a good bit, too, so the pups can get back to playing.

After cleaning, there won’t be a soggy, muddy yard to deal with either, just a clean, soft and natural looking lawn.

Now, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about artificial turf, Arizona summers and pets when discussing the best type of lawn that is suitable for pets.

We know that the look of an artificial lawn changes depending upon what type of grass blades are featured.

In fact, there is a wide range of turf availability these days for putting greens, playgrounds, business landscaping or backyards. The turf features everything from lawn grass to Bermuda-style.  Blades are individually cut and styled to more closely mimic actual grass blades.

Artificial turf can become a perfect play space for pets, with lower maintenance than a growing lawn. An important component of pet-friendly turf is choosing the best infill to keep the area odor-free. The infill needs to be as durable, odor-resistant and as resilient as the turf itself.

Sand, treated with an anti-microbial is an excellent choice for pet areas that have a lot of traffic, or play.

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