Right infill gives artificial lawns natural look – all summer long

What makes some Arizona lawns look a little reddish in the summer?

The grass is often fading due to Arizona’s extreme temperatures, but what you’re actually seeing is good, ol’ dirt beneath the withering grass. An artificial turf lawn today won’t have that look shriveled look, partly because artificial lawns have something better than dirt underneath them.

While newer manufacturing methods now result in tougher, denser turf that nearly stand on its own, customers need to choose an appropriate infill for several reasons.

First, they will want to protect the backing on their new artificial turf, whether they’ve installed it as playground, putting green, commercial area, or residential backyard.

Infill adds weight and ballast to the new artificial turf, helping to ensure stability and supporting the “memory” of the fibers in the lawn. This “memory” is what helps the fibers not only stand up, but also maintain the curves and curls of a single blade, helping to keep the look of natural grasses.

Generally, about a pound of infill per square foot of lawn is about right for light-traffic residential lawns. A city playground or an indoor sport court will require more – and sometimes much more.

As you talk to your client about artificial grass installation, you can recommend using acrylic-coated sand as infill and explain the benefits. It’s easy to install, is available in multiple shades, is relatively inexpensive and lasts a long time.

It’s also odor-free, easy to clean and maintain, and is available with an antimicrobial finish for pet lawns.

With the right infill, an artificial lawn will be easier to maintain and clean – and it will feel a lot more like “real grass” when folks walk or play on it.

While an artificial lawn will indeed become warm on a hot Arizona day, the right amount of infill can go a long way in helping reduce the ground-level temperature.

Additionally, pets will find it much “friendlier” because it will definitely be cooler on their paws. It will also shed odors more quickly, making homeowner life and lawn happier.

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