AZ Turf Depot offers these tips for taking care of artificial grass during cooler months in Arizona

Among the many benefits of artificial grass is its relatively low maintenance, especially in Arizona’s mild to moderate winter weather. Late winter and early spring are ideal times for sharing the benefits of synthetic grass with landscapers and homeowners looking to upgrade their curb appeal.

Synthetic grass is generally easy to care for and does not require much of an investment of time or money beyond the initial costs, unlike natural turf. However, it’s a good idea to share maintenance tips with homeowners and business owners so they can exercise more care when hit with inclement weather, such as high winds or very cold temperatures. Here are tips from Arizona Turf Depot to pass along for keeping turf in great shape all year long.

Check the nails

Before bad weather rolls in, advise checking the nails securing turf to the base. This is true for all climates, even those that are relatively warm and dry during the winter. Owners of artificial turf should closely examine and note any loose areas where the surface appears lose. Those areas need secured with additional nails or otherwise reaffixed to protect the synthetic grass.

Clear debris

Changing seasons can lead to a buildup of debris on lawns, putting greens, and landscaped commercial areas. Suggest cleaning synthetic turf carefully before stormy weather hits and brushing it often during the winter months to ensure debris is quickly discovered and cleared, particularly after storms.

Walk carefully

During very cold spells, we advise turf owns to be careful when walking on their grass. All our products at AZ Turf Depot area highly resilient, but chilly weather can turn fibers slippery or brittle. While this isn’t as often an issue in the desert as it is in the mountains, cold nights creep in occasionally, so tread carefully when the weather turns.

For more information about how to help your customers choose the right artificial grass and keep it in great shape all year long, reach out to our experienced team at AZ Turf Depot.

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