AZ Turf Depot offers these suggestions for best residential uses of synthetic grass in landscaping

Synthetic grass has been an increasingly popular lawn choice for homeowners, particularly in dry ecosystems such as the Sonoran Desert or areas where the water supply is dwindling. There are a bevy of benefits, including: artificial grass doesn’t require watering, the fake turf provides great curb appeal, and synthetic grass meets a wide variety of homeowner needs.

When working with potential residential customers, share some of these ideas to persuade them that using artificial turf will make home maintenance easier, and boost their property values with the clean look of artificial grass landscaping.

Dog Runs

Don’t drag your dog into the desert or onto a dusty canal path to do his business: Install a paw-friendly dog run using artificial turf. The right option will be soft and comfortable for your four-legged friends, ensuring that they have a safe place to lounge or play.

A dog run with synthetic grass also lets them run around and work off energy without tearing up a natural lawn or tracking dirt and mud into the house. Maintenance is easy, too, with no mowers or water lines to worry about. Scooping is easier on artificial turf, too. Spray the area as needed to eliminate odors.

Play Areas

Another great selling point for synthetic grass is children’s play areas. For residential customers with families, artificial turf offers several advantages over natural grass, including a surface that can hold up to wear and tear, a more cushioned ground to help break any falls, and again, no dirt or mud tracking into the house. Artificial grass is also more level than natural grass, eliminating potential tripping hazards as well.

Backyard Sports

If you plan to host sporting events in your yard, even just casual bouts of football, artificial turf is a great choice. Synthetic grass will stand up to feet and falls much better than natural grass and eliminates things like divots or mounds, making running safer.

With these suggestions, customers will be easily convinced about the benefits of artificial turf for their homes.

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