Artificial turf is a low maintenance alternative to natural grass – no mowers, no irrigation!

One of the very best selling points about artificial turf is its easy maintenance.

Even during Arizona’s extreme summer heat, artificial turf – with just a little easy maintenance – will look great right through to cooler temperatures in the fall, whether it’s in a backyard, a putting green, or commercial landscaping.

Here at AZ Turf Depot, we often find business owners and homeowners surprised at how easy maintenance can be for their installed turf.

For example, there’s no need for a mower. Depending upon how the lawn is being used, maintenance can be as simple as using hoses and rakes on the synthetic grass to keep it looking its best.

In fact, a hose with a good directional spray attachment will be great if a portion of the artificial turf lawn is used for pets. On occasion, to make certain any odors are eliminated, it might be necessary to use a mild detergent rinse, followed by plain water.

Children’s play areas also get a lot of our attention. In general, artificial turf with the right infill, properly installed and maintained can be safer than natural grass, particularly for younger children and toddlers.

For one thing, with professional installation and the right infill, artificial turf won’t have hidden sink holes, bumps, stones and uneven ground surfaces. 

Further, if pets and children are sharing some of the same outdoor spaces, properly maintained artificial turf can be cleaner for children’s play than natural grass.

Play areas with artificial grass, like those designed for pets, can be cleaned with a mild soap and water solution, or, if there’s a need for more sanitation, flushed with a solution of half water and half distilled white vinegar.  This will kill off most bacterial spores. (NOTE: This will not kill viruses.)

For children’s and pets’ play areas, we like to suggest antimicrobial infill especially intended for safe use with both.

Following cleaning, both play and pooch areas can be “fluffed up,” using a broom, rake or power broom.

Matching up the right turf with the right infill can be tricky. Here at AZ Turf Depot, we work with suppliers to find real solutions for real people. 

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