As weather heats up, so does interest in artificial turf for homes and businesses

We’re approaching the summer months in Arizona, but mornings and evenings are often spent in outdoors, especially if there is a pool or other incentives to be outside, such as fresh, green lawn.

Artificial Turf for Summer

Of course, if a business or homeowner has natural grass, they have turned on sprinklers to keep their patch of parched earth watered.

It’s the perfect time of year to show the advantages of installing synthetic grass, from the low maintenance to the reduced need for water. Artificial grass offers great landscaping opportunities to highlight pools, decks, patios and play areas for children and pets.

With all the different styles of synthetic turf offered at Arizona Turf Depot, different play areas can be set up with exactly the right grass and right “bounce” for each activity – including putting greens and pet areas.

Essentially, just about any sort of game involving a ball can take place on artificial turf. There are, in fact, several styles of artificial turf from which to choose.  Some are made with manufactured thatch, which helps create a slightly springier, more resilient feel. 

Selecting the right artificial turf might involve determining how often the kids play ball sports in the back yard, or if golf is the family sport, making that putting green superb for practice any time of year.

Artificial turf can reduce maintenance, water usage and provide the perfect place to play at home during the Arizona summer. At Arizona Turf Depot, we’ll work with each customer to make sure the turf and its support are right the right combination for each customer.

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