Take a swing in early spring with customized backyard putting greens to improve golf game


In Arizona, it’s time for golf. Okay, okay. We know it is always time for golf in Arizona – with our weather, it’s definitely a year-round pastime. So, while it is officially still winter, now is the optimal time to ensure your golf course or putting green is in play-ready condition.

artificial putting green

Winter visitors to our state expect to find golf courses in optimum condition, no matter what time of year. It is also time for golf tournaments, available at every level of play and on nearly every course, including our public courses.

Scottsdale’s TPC/Waste Management Tournament, (also known as the Phoenix Open) is one of the most notable in the country, and drew more than 700,000 to the viewing stands during the first week of this month.

Here’s the thing, many (if not most) of these courses have one other thing in common (besides open playing rules): golfers play on artificial turf. Artificial turf came to golf courses more than 20 years ago, with putting and practice greens first in line.

Why is artificial turf so important to golf? For one thing, the course is nearly always ready for play.  Sure, the groundskeepers still need to do some minimal work, but it’s a much different technique.  Artificial turf is groomed, swept, washed…. all of which means it takes substantially less time, energy and expense to maintain optimum playing greens.

Even better, artificial turf has meant that dedicated golfers can install putting greens – of any size – in their backyards, or even a back patio, because these greens can be scaled to order.

And THAT is just one reason putting greens are popular as installations for your residential and business clients.

Many residential customers who prefer desert or other landscaping may not want synthetic grass over their full yard, but they are delighted to install a putting area so they can work on improving their golf game at home.

The easy installation is just one attraction.  Putting greens can be completely customized and built to scale to suit any home or business. The greens also can feature any curve or trend the golfer in charge wants to see.

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