Pet owners turn to using artificial turf for easy-to-clean, safe play area for animals

What’s the outlook for artificial turf in Arizona? This year, it’s looking better than ever.

Artificial Grass for Pet Owners

One of the main contributing factors for this is pet owners turning more frequently to synthetic grass for their furry companions. Here are a few reasons pet owners – particularly folks who own dogs – might prefer artificial turf to the real stuff.

  • It’s well-established that living lawns do not fare well with most dogs.
  • Dogs dig and scrape, they chew, and they poop and deposit urine across the lawn.
  • Living lawns turn yellow, grass dies – and doggie digging can leave barren holes across the area.

So, does this not happen with artificial grass? 

Well, no.  A beloved pooch can paw and scoop as much as he wants, but the artificial turf is going to stay put.

It won’t turn yellow, either.           

And, with the right infill, it can last for years.

Best artificial turf for pets

A great recommendation for your clients is Puppy Paw Spring for homeowners with pets, dog parks, or other commercial properties that allow dogs – such as restaurants with dog-friendly patios. (Our experts at AZ Turf Depot also can give you recommendations for your clients on specific artificial lawns suitable for play areas, residential and commercial landscaping, putting greens, and more).

Tell your customers that Puppy Paw Spring is light and springy artificial turf specifically designed to be pet-friendly. It’s particularly resilient, and it stands up well to digging and gnawing.  

This also means the doggy turf is going to look good no matter how high the temperature rises.  Paired with a high-quality infill, pet friendly artificial turf is genuinely easy to maintain.

Sure, pet owners will still need to clean up after their pups have been outside.  But picking up waste and then rinsing the lawn with a hose will quickly restore the artificial turf (and in the summer the rinsing cools the lawn as well!)

There’s no remaining odor, and the turf will retain its vibrant colors without staining or yellowing.

Here’s an additional benefit – customers with pets and children will find that pet-friendly artificial turf is also child-friendly. 

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