Synthetic turf landscaping makes winter lawns a breeze, no reseeding, no water, no maintenance

Taking care of a natural grass lawn during the winter months can be a difficult task, even in the Phoenix area where grass typically goes dormant. Then there is the winter grass – which must be seeded at just the right time. It’s all very time-consuming and can become quite expensive.

Natural grass also is more fragile than people might think, and homeowners must take care to prepare it to withstand the winter and colder temperatures. With artificial turf, however, preparing your lawn for the cooler months is straight-forward. And, having a beautifully manicured area with synthetic grass is a great way to host outdoor dining in Arizona’s cooler months. Let’s look at artificial grass and how to ensure its beauty thrives all year.

Why artificial grass?

Unlike natural grass, artificial turf is designed to look great and function properly in just about any weather. This means that for the price of initial investment, customers have a lawn that boosts curb appeal and doesn’t require hours of time (or thousands of gallons of water) to maintain. Those who choose artificial turf also don’t have to worry about reseeding damaged patches of grass when the weather warms, or as we noted before, planting a new lawn every winter.

Caring for turf during the winter

Taking care of synthetic landscaping during the winter requires minimal exertions, especially in a relatively mild climate like Arizona’s. The best practices of turf maintenance include ensuring the turf is clean and untangled throughout the cooler months. Suggestions for landscape maintenance should include spraying with a water hose to wash away debris, then gentle raking to fluff lawn or landscaping. These tasks are probably already second nature to landscaping crews familiar with artificial turf, but for those who manage their own lawns or commercial landscaping these tips make winter care a breeze.

For more information about artificial grass and maintaining it in great condition, reach out to our team at AZ Turf Depot where we provide vendors with all they information they need to share with their customers.

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