Backyard putting green tips from AZ Turf Depot

A backyard putting green is the envy of many a golf enthusiast. Realizing the dream is made simple with a synthetic, backyard putting area made with quality turf. Our team at AZ Turf Depot share these tips on how to work with your clients to get the most out of artificial grass and putting greens, whether in a residential or commercial setting.

Choosing an appropriate location

Selecting the right site for a commercial or residential putting green is the first step to a picture-perfect set-up for putting practice. Stay away from areas that are steeply sloped or excessively uneven. This type of disparity not only makes it more difficult to lay turf, but can also present difficulties during the game itself. (Unless, of course, the clients WANT to have an exceptionally difficult putt!)

Size is also an important factor. The lot doesn’t have to be enormous, but we suggest enough space to make the activity worth it for the practicing golfers. Even 1,000 square feet is an option that keeps the putting green manageable but still provides plenty of room to play.

Choose Your Synthetic Turf

There are multiple factors that go into choosing the perfect grass for a backyard or commercial putting green. The most important of these is the level of maintenance needed to maintain the artificial turf. Recreational synthetic green is easier to maintain, requires less upkeep, and encompasses a wider variety of synthetic grass options.

Professional putting greens, on the other hand, are designed to endure more rigorous wear and tear. That might be an option, but we advise that there is an increased maintenance requirement that sometimes demands a bigger investment of time and money.  It all depends on a client’s needs and their budget.

Pick an Installation Partner

When the time comes to install your putting green, pick an installation partner who understands the big picture. Professionals with experience in laying synthetic grass can offer the best advice as to the perfect type of grass for particular style of putting green and maintenance needs.

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