How xeriscaping enhances the look of artificial turf

As Arizona heads into summer, water use increases throughout the Phoenix metro area. Hotter temperatures result in more evaporation, quickly drying out the plants that depend on water.

Artificial turf is a great way to save thousands of gallons of water each year as an alternative to a natural lawn. Xeriscaping also makes a great way to complement artificial turf for both looks and saving water.

Xeriscaping incorporates plants that don’t use much water. Desert plants have adapted to use minimal water due to the lack of annual rainfall. These plants are an excellent way to add natural accents to your landscape designs.

Xeriscaping can add volume to a landscape with plants growing vertically to attract the eye, as well as a color contrast against the green of synthetic grass. A patch of artificial turf around greenery sets off the plant as a focal point in the center of a yard or other landscape. Plants around the edges also adds visual appear to projects.

Trees also can be added to xeriscapes to increase shade availability while drawing. A variety of desert trees popular around Arizona are available, such as palo verdes and meqsuites.

Artificial turf has an array of other potential uses for landscapes complemented with xeriscaping. You can use it in areas around a yard dominantly designed as a xeriscape in spots covered by shade structures for dogs and kids to use, or place it to use as a putting green. The possibilities are endless.

If you need advice on how to use xeriscaping to complement your landscaping clients’ artificial turf installations, Arizona Turf Depot is here to help. As an artificial turf wholesaler, we can recommend the right landscaping complements for the turf we sell.

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