Incorporate pavers with artificial turf to create a visually beautiful landscape design

When helping your clients create the perfect landscape for backyards, office buildings, outdoor malls or apartment complexes, pavers make excellent accessories to landscape designs featuring artificial turf. 

Pavers have been helping reduce dust and provide structure for outdoor walking surfaces for thousands of years. Roads in ancient Egypt were paved with slabs of sandstone and limestone

Since then, pavers have come a long way in terms of both materials and design capabilities. These days, landscapers have many materials to choose from, such as brick, concrete, flagstone, travertine and more. 

In addition, paving stones come in a variety of shapes making them easy to place in patterns that create visually appealing patios, outdoor spaces, and walkways. Use different materials and styles to create unlimited layers and designs. Walkways and patios can be customized to suit the needs of any landscaping clients. 

Create great landscape focal points amid a synthetic yard by using curved pavers designed to fit together to form a circle. These make good ending places for pathways or spots to put patio furniture to enjoy sunlight. Round pavers also work as a beautiful and durable floor under a gazebo or pergola. 

By making surfaces for outdoor use out of pavers, these designated paths reduce wear and tear to the nearby landscaping, including giving extra longevity to artificial turf. Once they’re installed, pavers have an incredibly long service life. Pavers installed and maintained properly can last for decades. Some materials, such as concrete, can last as long as 50 years, while others can still last 20 to 25 years. 

While Arizona Turf Depot is known for selling wholesale artificial turf to landscapers for their clients, we also sell a variety of pavers. Now through February 2024, we’re offering a special $2.25 off per square foot for several of our pavers. We can help you find the perfect pavers for your clients’ needs, whether a backyard patio or a walkway in a commercial atrium—and save money in the process. 

Arizona Turf Depot provides turf and pavers tailored to your landscaping clients’ applications, no matter what you’re looking for. Visit or call Arizona Turf Depot at our West Valley showroom, 14131 N. Rio Vista Blvd., Suite 9, Peoria, AZ 85381 (623) 388-3389, or contact us at our Mesa location, 7645 E. Ray Road, Suite 101, Mesa, AZ 85212, (480) 690-5591. Our experienced team is happy to help you find the right synthetic grass for your needs.  

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