Maintenance tips for keeping your artificial turf in top shape in Arizona

One of the biggest advantages of having artificial turf versus a natural lawn in Arizona is the lower amount of maintenance needed to keep synthetic grass looking pristine. There is no changing grass types depending on the season, using 5,000 gallons of water per year for 225 square feet of lawn, nor mowing and edging every couple of weeks.

However, there are some important maintenance steps to maximum the lifespan of artificial turf. Here are some best practices compiled by our team of experts at Arizona Turf Depot on maintaining artificial turf to keep it in the best shape possible. Your landscaping clients will appreciate knowing how to keep their turf looking its best.

Pick up pet waste. Let the dry desert heat take care of hardening solid waste and give artificial turf a rinse with a garden hose to remove any smells or urine stains. Washing and rinsing will keep turf from smelling and keep it looking its most vibrant.

Remove debris. If artificial turf has debris on it such as leaves, seed pods or flowers, remove larger, heavier objects, then rinse off the remaining surface to get smaller ones onto a surface where they can degrade naturally or be removed.

Clean up stains from various substances. If artificial grass has liquids spilled on it, including stubborn, sticky substances such as grease, motor oil, glue, or roofing tar, use something absorbent, such as paper towels, to dry it up as soon as you can. After drying as much as you can, use a solution consisting of water and dish soap or laundry detergent to soak the stains. Gently scrub with a brush or sponge if needed. If stains prove to be stubborn, first try using a solution of water and ammonia cleaner; if this fails, try a solvent made from mineral spirits. Rinse the area afterward to get rid of any remaining cleaning solution.

Perk up your blades. If synthetic grass blades are matted down from being stepped on, bring them back upright using a special artificial turf rake. This can both help to remove debris and restore artificial turf and have it look as fresh as when it was installed.

If you need more tips on the best way to care for artificial turf for your landscaping clients, our team at Arizona Turf Depot are here to help. We specialize in selling wholesale turf and infill to landscaping and installation companies and offer types to fit all budgets and needs. Whether you’re replacing an aging residential lawn or helping an office complex save money on their water bill, give us a call to find what turf works best for your client and how to take care of it.

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