Synthetic grass evolves with consumer demand for more realistic, easy-to-care for artificial turf

At Arizona Turf Depot, our team researches our product selections carefully to ensure we’re buying artificial grass that will enhance homes and businesses with its realism.


The original invention, unveiled in 1966 at the Houston Astrodome when Major League Baseball introduced its first synthetic turf field, is nothing like what businesses and consumers can find today. The stiff material, the one-shade-fits all coloring, and the carpet like installation process of turf over foam and concrete, have all evolved over the past five decades.

By far one of the biggest improvements is the realism of artificial grass. Some versions are so lush and dense with such natural-looking color variations that you see people stop and touch the synthetic grass trying to determine whether it’s real.

Blades are carefully designed to have variations in shading, just like what occurs in nature, and higher quality synthetic turf is made with UV stabilizers as part of the blades. These stabilizers keep the turf green and resilient year-round for more than a decade.

Another major evolution that has improved the feel of turf is the infill – the material that goes on top of the artificial grass. These days infill is typically silica sand or Wonder-fill. The infill has two major purposes; the first purpose is to provide stability and durability to the base of the fiber. The second purpose is to apply weight to the top of the turf to help prevent wrinkling in the material.

Finally, the blades themselves have evolved from short, plastic-like spikes to softer synthetic materials such as nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene – all of which are durable for long-lasting lawns. Grass blades also have a combination of shapes and colors to give lawns and commercial landscaping a natural appearance.

Our team can explain the intricacies of which infills to choose, which turf style will work well with a home or business, and how to care for the artificial grass to keep it looking green and sleek for years to come.

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