Arizona Turf Depots shares expert tips for maintaining artificial turf

When it comes to maintaining artificial turf, having the right tools for the job is essential. Artificial turf has different maintenance needs than a natural lawn. When landscaping projects incorporate artificial turf in Arizona, this doesn’t mean there’s nothing to maintain. The maintenance routine will just look different from grass lawns. 

Gone are the lawnmower, edger, seeds, and fertilizer spreader; say hello to the four best tools you’ll need to maintain your clients’ turf. 

Leaf blower: A leaf blower can blast smaller debris off artificial turf or use it to vacuum up debris instead with a suction setting. However, use caution  when using the vacuum-style approach for collecting debris instead of blowing it off the turf first: While suction can save a step in cleaning up debris from other parts of the yard, a strong setting could cause the machine to accidentally suck up some of the turf infill as well. 

Plastic rake or wide-bristled broom: A plastic rake or wide-bristled broom can loosen larger or stubborn debris trapped in artificial turf landscaping. Start by raking or sweeping with the grain to dislodge larger debris. Don’t go against the grain because that risk pushing the debris further into the synthetic grass. 

After removing the debris by going with the grain, next sweep against the grain to “fluff up” the turf. Artificial grass can get flattened over time as people and pets walk on it, and this fluffing will help return the individual blades to a fully upright position. It also gives the landscaped area a spruced-up look. 

A good cleaning solution: For those with pets who use artificial turf to do their business, we recommend using Simple Green cleaner or Pet Fresh. Simple Green and Pet Fresh are non-toxic cleaners that will help remove smells and stains from artificial lawns.  

To make the cleaners as effective as possible, we suggest using a chemical sprayer to apply every two weeks for those with a large dog or a few small dogs or once a month for those with only one small dog or less frequent use. A tip to note: If your landscaping clients purchase Arizona Turf Depot’s Pet Turf Series products, Pet Fresh is included in the purchase price to help keep synthetic yards looking and smelling their best. 

Weed killer: While artificial turf will not have weeds springing up in the middle of it, the pests can still appear around the edges of projects that incorporate synthetic grass featured areas. Arizona Turf Depot recommends using a retail weed killer solution to eliminate any stray weeds. Make sure the solution doesn’t contain dyes or strong colors because this can discolor artificial grass. 

Proper maintenance gives artificial turf a long life 

When using the right tools for proper maintenance and care, artificial turf should have a long service life ahead of it. We stand behind our turf’s quality and guarantee it for 15 years with our manufacturer’s warranty. If you have any issues with turf installations, contact us and we’ll look into the situation to see if it is covered by the warranty terms. 

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