Why artificial turf is better for pets than natural grass

If you have pets, you know how important it is to give them the best possible environment for them to thrive. Artificial turf makes a great option to landscape your clients’ yards in the Phoenix area for dogs, cats, and other animals to enjoy while reducing inconveniences for pet owners.

Artificial Grass for Pet Owners

Turf prevents digging

Dogs who are prone to digging can have their paws stopped in their tracks by artificial turf. Given turf’s construction, it can prevent dogs from digging through it and creating holes in the ground.

Turf is sturdier than a lawn

Synthetic turf is also more durable than grass. Blades that can be easily ripped from the dirt through rough play and running paws and claws are embedded in the artificial turf material, making them more difficult to remove.

Turf keeps both your pets and yard looking their best

Turf provides a barrier between the dirt and your pets, ensuring they won’t get mud all over themselves. It’s also easy to clean with a simple wash from the hose and debris removal. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about your lawn having dead spots from pet waste damaging it. It’s easier to clean off your turf with a sprayer than to replace dead grass.

Artificial grass eliminates toxic lawn chemicals

While pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers work well to make your lawn look its best, they’re a double-edged sword for those with pets: They can also make your furry friends sick. There’s no need for toxic chemicals to maintain turf, reducing the risk of a trip to the vet.

Synthetic grass reduces pests and allergens

Because it is synthetic, artificial grass doesn’t have as many pests that live in it that can sting or bite your pets. It also doesn’t have allergy-triggering pollen. Dogs and cats can have pollen allergies just like people do!

Make the switch for your landscaping clients

Arizona Turf Depot provides artificial turf tailored to your landscaping clients’ applications, no matter what you’re looking for. Visit or call Arizona Turf Depot at our West Valley showroom, 14131 N. Rio Vista Blvd., Suite 9, Peoria, AZ 85381 (623) 388-3389, or contact us at our Mesa location, 7645 E. Ray Road, Suite 101, Mesa, AZ 85212, (480) 690-5591. Our experienced team is happy to help you find the right synthetic grass for your needs.

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