How to Pick the Right Type of Artificial Turf

Picking the right artificial turf for your landscaping clients’ projects can be confusing. Artificial turf comes in a variety of types, and you have multiple options to choose from for infill.

putting green turf

Different applications for artificial turf have different requirements. What type of artificial turf to pick for your Arizona landscaping clients depends on your budget, location and use for turf.

When it comes to budget, thinner turf will generally be less expensive. However, if an artificial turf application will see a lot of foot traffic, thicker turf may be preferable, as it is more durable when walked on repeatedly.

A prime example of this need is a residential backyard versus a public atrium or courtyard: a public atrium or courtyard can see hundreds of people walking on its turf per day, while a backyard will usually only have the home’s residents and occasionally small numbers of guests. In this case, there is no need for the homeowner to spend more money on thicker turf when it’s not needed, while the atrium’s management would be best off getting the more durable turf, reducing the need for replacement.

If you’re installing a putting green, you’ll want turf built specifically for the job. Putting green turf is shorter than other types of turf, making it perfect to keep golf balls rolling across its surface.

As for selecting infill, different types of infill meet different needs. Sand provides a feel similar to natural grass, while we offer other options for keeping places upright, including top dressings. Arizona Turf Depot also offers Opti-Fill, which is perfect for keeping your pets safe with its antimicrobial coating.

Selecting a certain type of infill can also change the look of an artificial turf patch, so this is another point to keep in mind. Sand, being brown and beige, can look similar to normal dirt when it’s visible between turf blades; copper slag’s black color ensures it won’t draw attention to itself; and green Wonder-Fill will blend in well with any of our verdant turf varieties.

If you need advice on selecting the best turf for your commercial and residential landscaping clients, contact us at Arizona Turf Depot. We’re here to fulfill all your wholesale turf needs so you can give your landscaping clients the turf look of their dreams. Give us a call to see why artificial turf is our home turf!

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