Creative uses of artificial turf for commercial landscaping: from rooftops to sidewalks

Artificial turf is a great option for just about anyone looking for a beautiful, lush lawn without the intricate maintenance and water requirement of natural grass. In fact, many homeowners already are investing in this eco-friendly solution. Just like synthetic grass improves curb appeal for homes without committing to ongoing time and money, artificial turf can make the same statement for commercial properties. Let’s take a look at some commercial uses for artificial grass and why going synthetic could be the perfect choice for your next project.

Artificial turf looks like real grass

1. Commercial / office building landscaping

Artificial turf is perfect for landscaped areas where mowing is difficult or impractical. Think about boxed trees or planters, raised flower beds, or any number of other ornamental items near an office building. Placing synthetic grass in those areas makes maintenance easier, and gives visitors a welcoming view of a perfectly manicured space. It’s also a great way to set off your walkway leading to your building.

2. Rooftop Landscaping

Building and maintaining a rooftop garden or entertainment space is a popular trend on city office buildings, apartment buildings, and other high rises. But maintaining a full yard of grass on a rooftop isn’t the most practical. Artificial turf can give you the appearance you’re searching for without the complications that organic solutions might bring. Add wooden decking, patio seating, reclining loungers, and your rooftop paradise is complete.

3. Restaurant Patios

In Arizona – well at least in most of the fall, winter and spring – people flock to restaurant patios to watch spectacular sunsets, cool off under misters, and let the kids play while the adults enjoy socializing. Artificial turf is an ideal solution for the patio cornhole game, a dog-friendly patio, or for the kids to have a bit of freedom within sight of their parents. 

4. Play areas

Synthetic grass is a great addition to outdoor play areas, whether in a commercial or residential setting. Not only is artificial turf resistant to the wear and tear excited children are sure to cause, but it’s also a safe material to include under and around play equipment. Instead of laying down hard concrete or rubber, consider adding plush turf to help break any falls while adding a great pop of color to the area.

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