How artificial turf can increase property values by highlighting residential landscaping at its best 

Realtors estimate a well-landscaped property will see an average of 10 percent to 20 percent more in appraisal value compared with similar properties with poor curb appeal. That’s one of the many advantages to using artificial turf – landscaping always looks well cared for and appealing to prospective buyers. 

What are some other ways synthetic grass can boost property value? Artificial turf reduces water usage, takes very little time to maintain, doesn’t require fertilizers or pesticides, and owners won’t need electric or gasoline-powered lawn mowers to keep the artificial grass looking beautiful. 

Boost curb appeal 

The main advantage of artificial turf for residential landscaping is that weather has no impact on how good the lawn looks. Green year-round, synthetic turf won’t get muddy during wet springs. No bare batches under the slide or swing set, either.

In fall and winter, there’s very little maintenance to worry about, and today’s sophisticated artificial turf withstands up to 20 years of changing seasons. 

Easy to maintain

For older homebuyers, having an artificial grass lawn means they don’t have to take on the arduous tasks of mowing, raking, pulling weeds and other strenuous work to maintain a natural yard. For many retirees, it’s important to have an aesthetically appealing property but without having to spend their well-earned free time maintaining it.

For new homeowners, buying a home likely wiped out most of their savings, leaving little left over to buy yard maintenance equipment to water and mow a natural grass lawn. Having synthetic grass makes it easier for them to care for their new purchase.

Water savings

Part of that easy maintenance is not having to install and maintain irrigation systems or worry about ensuring the grass is getting enough water. In Arizona and neighboring southwestern states, a long-standing drought makes using additional water for grass expensive and impractical. Many cities have rules about desert-scaping to keep water usage down, and artificial turf works well to add a spot of color to xero-scaped yards.

In summary, artificial grass makes it easy for properties to retain curb appeal and resale value by giving homeowners a low-maintenance, beautifully landscaped lawn year-round.

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