Turf and Surf – Why artificial grass is perfect option for poolside landscaping

Want to add pizzazz to landscape projects that include swimming pools? Add artificial grass to the landscaping to highlight tiles, decks, and the sparkling blue water. Artificial turf used with pavers and concrete around pools brings a classy, updated feel that is also durable for all the extra foot traffic during the summer month

Here are some reasons why to choose synthetic grass for poolside landscaping and some suggestions on how to incorporate turf into your next poolside landscaping project:

Advantage No. 1 is durability. With natural grass, water and chlorine that spill over from the pool or gets tracked onto the grass, can waterlog the ground, and kill the grass. With synthetic turf, pool water does no damage at all. Artificial turf also is built from sturdy, natural-looking fibers that can withstand substantial foot traffic—wet or dry—over many, many years. The area around the pool will always look green and inviting.

Minimal maintenance and low maintenance costs are other advantages that artificial grass has over regular grass. No need to replant over worn spots, nor any need to use extra water to maintain the lawn. All homeowners need to look after their synthetic landscaping is a broom, garden hose, and small rake. Rake or sweep away debris, and hose off any dust or soiled areas.

Avoid needless chemicals and pesticides because artificial grass doesn’t require fertilizer to grow and doesn’t provide a habitat for bugs and insects. Poolside lounging is at its best when there are no harmful chemicals on the grass, nor pesky pests.

Artificial turf also provides year-round ambience for pool landscaping. Here in Arizona, pools may get less use in colder months, but many people use their outdoor spaces 12 months of the year for barbecuing and socializing. With synthetic landscaping, the pool area will look beautiful even in December with a pool cover over the water.

Safety and softness also come with artificial grass. Synthetic turf is slip-free, making it less likely for slips and falls, which is particularly important for young children who never seem to slow down and or older swimmers whose bones might not be as sturdy as they once were. Even if someone did fall, the infill under artificial turf is way softer than landing on the hard, caliche-fille ground in Arizona.

If you need more assistance in landscaping around a swimming pool, get in touch with our team of experts at Arizona Turf Depot.

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