How to choose the best artificial turf components for your project

For all projects featuring synthetic turf, there are three components: face weight, turf style, and infill. We will discuss the purpose of each, and how each works within a proposed project to create an overall look and feel for the landscape.

What does face weight mean?

First, we will address face weights. Face weight refers to how many ounces of material are used in a square yard of turf. Higher weights equal denser grass. At Arizona Turf Depot, we carry a variety of turf face weights to ensure the right material is available for each specific project. Higher face weights are used to create longer, thicker individual turf blades.

Generally, artificial turf with a high face weight is more durable. This makes it ideal for surfaces that will see a lot of foot traffic and harsh use, such as playgrounds, restaurant patios, common spaces, sports fields or parks. Synthetic grass with higher weights also tends to be softer and looks lusher, more closely resembling a grass lawn.

However, not every project requires the same level of durability. For normal use, lower face weights work well. Backyards, for example, are used by fewer people. Lower face weights bring lower costs, which can be appealing to homeowners.

Types of artificial turf

In addition to different face weights for a project, there is also a wide variety of grass types, designed to mimic their counterparts in nature. We offer about 10 different brands of synthetic grass at Arizona Turf Depot, each line with its own varieties.

For example, our Austin series comes in Austin Spring Mid, Austin Spring, Austin Fescue Mid and Austin Fescue. Our Austin Spring turf has a brighter green look than our Austin Fescue. The color and style of turf comes down to customer preference. We have synthetic grass that is pet friendly. We have turf for putting greens, and for any style of lawn a customer might prefer.

Why infill matters

The final component in building the perfect landscaping project with artificial turf is to choose the type of infill that will work best. Infill is the material that goes in between the artificial grass blades to keep blades stable and provide water drainage.

Infill options at Arizona Turf Depot include #20 silica sand, copper slag, Wonderfill and infill-top dressing. These different options have different attributes that make them appropriate for different applications.

  • Our #20 silica sand is designed to give a natural feel similar to real grass. It’s safe for kids and pets while helping the turf blades keep their shape when standing up.
  • Copper slag infill is a byproduct of copper smelting that’s been ground up for turf use. Because copper slag is metal, it is heavy, providing stability for your artificial turf installation. This makes it very effective at keeping your artificial grass blades standing upright.
  • Wonderfill is a “wonderful” option for your infill. It’s a brand-name type of sand that’s specially designed to provide excellent drainage. It also has antimicrobial properties to protect your turf from mold, mildew, and bacteria, keeping your turf safe for curious pets that may nose around in your lawn. Its composition is also not harmful to your furry friends.
  • Infill-top dressing has a special application: It’s intended for use in putting greens. Infill-top dressing is coated in acrylic for a long life and excellent drainage. Available in black and green, it provides a non-toxic option for your backyard or professional putting green that’s safe for any critters that may wander onto it.

With so many options to customize your artificial turf, we at Arizona Turf Depot are here to help guide you in making the right choice for your landscaping clients. As one of the Phoenix area’s premiere turf wholesalers, our turf options that can suit your client’s specific budget and needs, from backyard installations to large commercial uses. ‘

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