5 ways to use synthetic grass in spring landscaping

As spring edges closer, people are looking forward to spending more time outside. Whether that be enjoying sports, exercising or hosting a barbecue, having a nice outdoor space is expected. But maintaining a yard can be tiresome and costly. That is why more people are looking toward artificial turf. Here are 5 ways that you can use artificial turf in your spring landscape projects.

Revitalize the driveway

There are many ways to add artificial turf to improve the aesthetics of a driveway. Having green in the approach to a home will brighten up the house and make it look more inviting. Incorporating turf into a semi-paved driveway also increases drainage. There are even ways to make the turf the driveway itself. A turf-ribbon driveway, for example, will keep the driveway nearly all green, with pavement only in the tracks where the wheels of your vehicle will travel. These types of driveways were popular in the 1920s, and are making a comeback because they require less paving, and it gives yards more greenery.


While vehicles need driveways, people need walkways. One of the perks of using synthetic grass for walkways is that high foot traffic will not affect its looks, especially if you choose the most durable designs for turf and for infill. This makes artificial grass perfect for pairing with a stone pathway. Cut the turf to fit around the pavers of your choice, creating a nice, clean walkway with contrasting materials and colors. This style of walkway also would work well with a turf-ribbon driveway.

Garden beds

Consider adding artificial grass alongside the natural beauty of flower gardens, shrubbery, and even vegetable gardens. By mixing synthetic turf with hedgerows and flowerbeds, maintenance still remains low, less water is needed, and a nice balance of colors is created. The contrast of bougainvillea next to synthetic turf, for example, makes for a colorful and orderly landscape for homes and businesses. Adding a variety of plants and colors to a garden will breathe life into it, making it more appealing, especially for those backyard barbecues. 

Better playgrounds

Playgrounds and fields that host the backyard baseball games in the neighborhood also need to be maintained frequently. If the project is expected to have high foot traffic, then artificial turf is an excellent option. Turf makes play areas and fields more appealing and will increase the use of the area. Artificial turf is also easier to maintain and will keep parks and play areas looking appealing year-round.

From bland to bold

Most natural landscaping also comes with bare patches, and dull places. Those areas are difficult to fix with regular grass. Think about adding artificial turf around the edges of landscaping, courtyards, or pools to keep the aesthetics pleasing in all parts of a yard or commercial area. It keeps the area looking natural and uniform.

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