How to nurture your garden’s beauty with synthetic turf

Putting Green-90oz Bravo Artificial Grass Installation

Installing a garden allows homeowners and businesses a way to put a personal stamp on their properties. Colorful flower gardens and functional vegetable patches look even more attractive in residential and commercial landscaping when their bright colors are offset with artificial grass. 

Whether it’s an indoor atrium in an office building, potted plants on an apartment balcony or a flower garden brightening up a suburban backyard, gardens bring joy and comfort. 

Because they’re made up of natural plants, gardens can take up a lot of water. A garden bed as small as 32 square feet can use 20 gallons of water per week in the summer, according to the University of California’s Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  

In hot, dry desert climates like Arizona that need to cut back on water use  due to extensive drought conditions over the past few years, synthetic grass provides a green pop of color without the water use and maintenance required to keep a natural lawn alive. Mixing natural plants with synthetic grass is a great option to still have beautiful landscaping without excessive water usage. 

Artificial turf also provides a great splash of color in areas that lawns otherwise couldn’t go. For those with plants on a concrete condo balcony or patio, artificial turf can give the concrete a vibrant green look that wouldn’t otherwise be possible without layers of dirt. 

When options for surrounding garden plants are either dirt, artificial turf or rocks, artificial turf gives the perfect amount of color to match your green plants. This brightens up the look of your garden plants instead of providing a drab gray or brown contrast of rocks or dirt. 

Here are five specific ways using artificial turf with a flower garden or vegetable patch can improve aesthetics: 

  • Neat and Tidy Appearance: Artificial turf provides a neat and tidy appearance to any garden or vegetable patch. The even and consistent surface of the turf can create a sense of order and cleanliness to enhance the overall visual appeal of the garden. 
  • Enhanced Color: The vibrant green color of synthetic grass provides contrast to the colors of flowers and vegetables. Turf serves as the backdrop that highlights the beauty of natural plants. 
  • Low Maintenance: Natural grass requires a significant amount of maintenance, such as mowing, fertilizing, and watering. Artificial gras requires very little maintenance, which can allow the garden or vegetable patch to look beautiful and well-kept without much effort. 
  • Long-lasting: Artificial turf is long-lasting and durable, which can provide a consistent and attractive appearance to a garden or vegetable patch year-round. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf does not need to be reseeded or replanted, which can save time and money in the long run. 
  • Versatility: Artificial turf can be used in a variety of ways to enhance the aesthetics of a garden or vegetable patch. It can be used as a pathway, as an accent around flowers or vegetables, or even as a base for potted plants. This versatility allows for a variety of design options that gives landscaping a unique and creative touch. 

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