Synthetic grass is great option for landscaping and common areas at apartment and condo complexes

Property management companies that want to improve the landscape at their properties will find multiple ways to incorporate artificial turf into the projects. We’re going to share some of the latest 2022 trends in using artificial grass for apartment and condo landscaping. Our knowledgeable and experienced team at AZ Turf Depot can assist in selecting the best styles of turf and infill to help your multi-family community stand out and attract the best tenants.

Common areas

One of the advantages that synthetic grass has over natural turf is the durability. For common areas such as near barbecues, ramadas, mailboxes, and other places that have high foot traffic, using artificial grass is an excellent way to keep the spaces looking good with little maintenance. We offer different styles of artificial grass for different uses and would recommend a turf that has a higher face or pile weight. Face weight refers to the sturdiness and weight of the fibers used to create the grass.

Dog parks

Offer your residents a place for them and their pets to socialize that is easy to clean and maintain. Dog parks are a popular amenity that improves your community profile and attracts new tenants.  Also, removing pet waste from artificial turf is a simple task, especially when you choose turf and infill specifically designed for pet use. Some infills also help with odor reduction.


New Artificial Grass Installed Near Walkway and Pool.

Nearly all condo complexes and apartment communities have shared pool facilities and hot tubs. Reduce the wear and tear on filters from residents tracking in dirt and grass from natural lawns into the water, and instead use artificial turf to surround pool areas. Manicured green artificial turf used around tiled or concrete decks enhances the beauty of the pool and offers a practical, low-maintenance solution.

Playgrounds and recreational areas

For communities with playgrounds for small children, there are special styles of grass and infill that are durable, yet cushiony to protect children when they inevitably tumble and fall during play. Artificial grass prevents deep mud patches from developing beneath swings, at the foot of slides, or around the edges of the merry-go-round. As mentioned before, turfs with heavier weight are durable and long-lasting, and meant for heavy use.

In a retirement community, artificial turf may be used to line the areas near pickleball, tennis and shuffleboard courts. Also, synthetic turf provides a stable, even surface for older legs to navigate, reducing worries about tripping and falling over uneven natural lawns.

Patios and balconies

For homeowners who’ve downsized to condominium living, adding artificial turf to a patio brightens the view with an easy-to-maintain mini lawn with no need for mowing, watering, or weeding. Just a simple rinse with a hose and some fluffing with a rake, and the lawn is ready.

Balconies also can become an outdoor oasis with artificial turf creating the backdrop for a breakfast nook, or potted plant garden.

While these are just some of the ideas of where you can incorporate artificial turf into condominium and apartment complex landscaping, our team can help you explore other options at our two locations in Peoria and Mesa.

Visit or call Arizona Turf Depot at our West Valley showroom, 14131 N. Rio Vista Blvd., Suite 9, Peoria, AZ 85381 (623) 388-3389, or contact us at our recently opened Mesa location, 7645 E. Ray Road, Suite 101, Mesa, AZ 85212, (480) 690-5591. Our experienced team is happy to help you find the right synthetic grass for your needs

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